US-2000 Digital Controls

US-2000 Digital Controls


The ATS US-2000 Digital Control features an electronic interface and advanced circuitry that improve the outstanding speed, reliability and durability that have made the US-2000 the preferred choice for industrial banders and automated banding systems.

The US-2000 AD retains the familiar operator friendly controls while adding features that will be appreciated by operators and maintenance personnel. The unique ultra-sonic weld technology at the heart of the Ultra Sonic 2000 machines requires no warm-up time, no maintenance and is more consistent than any heat seal weld. The strength of the weld is adjustable from security-strength which requires plastic bands to be cut for removal, to a light weld that can be easily released.

  • Improved User Interface!
    Easy access to important functions.
    Reset, Tension Control and Fault Indication.
    Footpedal or Photo eye activation are easily selected. Values are retained when unit is switched off.
    Menus can be set to display options in several languages.
    Optional “User-defined presets” to reduce setup on jobs.
    Panel can be mounted on the front of the machine enclosure or with an optional 3’ cable for remote mounting.
  • Fixed Length Drawdown
    Allows the band to draw down to the same size every cycle, offering more flexibility for specific applications.
  • Digital Precision and Monitoring
    Tension and soft tension are set digitally.
    Extends the life of the machine, by ensuring that parts, such as motors, are running at the designed specifications.
  • Advanced Diagnostics
    Diagnostic and statistical tools are built in.
    Errors and Recovery instructions are indicated on the display.

SKU US-2000-Digital Controls
Manufacturer Felins