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Automatic Laundry Tying Station

A MOVING EXPERIENCE. The ALTS-300/420 Automatic Laundry Tying Stations can help you efficiently move bundles through the tying process.

Felins MS420 Stand-Alone or Table-Top Bander

This light weight portable unit provides reliable heat seal banding.

Felins US-2000 AD & LD Ultra Sonic Bander

Unlike other banding machines which use a heat seal, the US-2000 machine uses an ultrasonic weld.

Felins US-2000 ADU Ultra Sonic Bander

Unmatched ultrasonic sealing technology.

Felins US2000 AB & LB Bander

The modern features of the US-2000 banding machine makes unitizing various products easier and more cost effective.

Model 2000 String Tying Stations

State-of-the-art, electronic direct drive system, water-resistant and impervous to dirt and contamination

Specialty Tying Machines

Specialty Pak-Tyers for Specific Applications

US-2000 ASX

The fully automatic Transit ASX is specifically designed for banding high-gloss color graphic corrugated materials.

US-2000 CL

This simple system will process product stacks or can unitize products from the production line.


Stacks of varying height, width, and length can be processed back-to-back automatically without the need to make any adjustments to the machine.

US-2000 Digital Controls

The ATS US-2000 Digital Control features an electronic interface and advanced circuitry that improve the outstanding speed, reliability and durability that have made the US-2000 the preferred choice for industrial banders and automated banding systems.

US-2000 FSB

The US-2000 FSB counts, stacks, and bands post cards and other printed materials in one process.


The US-2000 LBM uses a single push fence to automatically band a row of product. The operator selects the number of stacks and bands per stack. The stacks are automatically inserted into the bander and neatly banded with single or multiple bands.

US-2000 MDM-P

Combine the benefits of multi-color pre-printed graphics with the timeliness of on-line printing.

US-2000 PIC

The automatic US-2000 PIC bands products in different sizes. Even round or bulky articles can be handled easily. The pin conveyor pushes the products, which are placed in by hand, into the banding machine.


The US-2000 PIC-STA automatically receives product from your packaging line and down stacks them into programmable stack counts.

US-2000 SCB

The US-2000 Stacking, Collating and Banding systems will accumulate from a single stream infeed. Stack counts are selected by the system operator. Orientations of 2 x 3, 3 x 3, 1 x 6 are common. The band eliminates the need for inner cartons. Product specials and multi-packs are processed at packaging line speed while minimizing labor requirements. Printed banding material can be used for product identification and multi-pack coding.

US-2000 SCB-PH

The US-2000 SCB-PH banding system with stacker is designed to gather, stack and band e.g. pharmaceutical or cosmetic products with a performance of 220 packages/min. or 30 bandings/min.

US-2000 Transit Line

The US-2000 Transit Line bands a great variety of products. The system is placed inline to provide hands-free processing of product bundles. Using infeed and exit conveyors, products can be rapidly banded. Material positioning plates, pneumatic presses, and corner conveyors for cross-banding are options available to improve versatility. For quick roll changes, the US-2000 Transit comes with pullout dispenser with rapid thread tape system and auto-thread on the tape infeed. A touch screen operator interface provides user friendly machine setup.

US-2100 Wide Format Bander

Felins offers the ATS US-2100 wide format bander, which is specially designed for band widths of 75mm and 100mm, respectively.

XL-110 Stretch Film Bundlers

Stretch film is inexpensive & affordable for all applications - machine usually pays for itself in less than a year

XL-36 Stretch Film Bander

Hardlube coated wear parts, oil permeated bushings, sealed ball bearings, self adjusting tensioners, Nylatron guide rollers and sealed cam followers to provide years of trouble free performance with minimal maintenance.