STS 22 Series Wrapper

STS 22 Series Wrapper


Intermittent Side-Seal Tall Product Wrapper.

Proudly made in the United States of America

Operator Command Center Features a two line LED display with 5 button direct access machine control for simple setup. The command center also has a 3 level operations mode and is capable of storing 4 preset programs

EXCLUSIVE PATENTED "Universal Side Seal" With "Integrated" solid knife cross seal. Sealing area is protected by interlocking safety switches and protective guarding.

Film Scrap System Self compensating scrap rewind incorporates a variable speed drive to automatically match the machine speed.

Standard features include:

  • 110 VAC @ 15 Amp Operation
  • PLC Control
  • D.C. Variable Speed Film Feed
  • Variable Speed Scrap Rewind
  • Film Pin Perf System
  • Automatic Product Gapping
  • Automatic Product Staging
  • Teflon Coated Cross Seal Blade
  • AC Frequency Drives
  • Solid Teflon Coated Side Seal Blade
  • Food Grade Conveyor Belts
  • Pneumatic Film Saver Device
  • L.E.D. Operator Control Panel
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Operator Safety Compliance Check
  • System Maintenance Mode
  • Air Inject System
  • Soft Start & Soft Stop
  • Cross Seal Height Restrictor
  • Ability to Bundle Pack Through Operator Control Panel


STS-22 Series Intermittent Side-Seal Tall Product Wrapper Diagram
Model A B C D E F G H
STS-22 105 77.5 35-38" 58.5-61.5" 42" 49" 61 35.25"
Technical Specifications
Max. Package Size 21"w x Infinite
Max Product Height 8"
Min. Package Size 4"w x Infinite
Min. Max. Film Size 8"- 29"
Electrical 120v. / 15 amp
Air Requirements 100 psi., 1cfm
Conveyor Speed 0-100 fpm.
Conveyor Height 34"-36"
Manufacturer STS