Stainless Steel Random Legend Case Sealer

Stainless Steel Random Legend Case Sealer


The LDX-RTB is an innovative random semi-automatic case sealer that beats the competition in speed and reliability. Void-filled containers and over-stuffed boxes can be processed 40% faster with this Little David product..

We used end-user feedback about the most common sealing obstacles to help us design this sealer. Patent-pending technology allows the LDX-RTB to process both void-filled and over-stuffed cases with zero adjustments, and reliability unseen in the random case sealing market..

The LDX-RTB uses CaseLockerTM 60 tape cartridges which allows the case sealer to process cases at much higher speeds than our competitors.

Minimum/Maximum Box Sizes

Length: 6" - and up
Width:5.5" - 26"
Height: 3.5" - 24.5"

Manufacturer Loveshaw