Small Ring Tying Machine

Small Ring Tying Machine


The 8" Bunn Ring Tyer will increase production flow, reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Proudly made in the United States of America

The 8" Bunn Ring Tyer still uses the quality Bunn Tying Head System and controls that have stood the test of time since the beginning. Now we've added a new twist. The New 8" Bunn Ring Tying Machine has the same great features as the larger unit but now for small packages that will increase production flow, reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs, while improving production flow.



Simple operation. The operator positions the package on the front table, then presses the foot trip. By means of a revolving arm that carries the twine around, the package is secured. The Bunn Tying machine automatically adjusts the length of twine.


  • Printers, publishers, direct mail operations
  • Cartons, boxes, bundles
  • Textile, garments and commercial laundries
  • Industrial, furniture, wood products Retail, food, pharmaceutical, electronic distribution
  • Plastic and Metal products

Additional Features:

  • Programmable controller
  • Adjustable tension for reduced product damage
  • Heavy duty swiveling casters
  • Heavy duty adjustable leveling pads
  • Heavy duty constructed frame
  • Steel access door with electrical disconnect
  • Simple twine threading procedures
Standard Ring Tying Machine

Small Ring Tying Machine

Dimensions Height: 67.75"
Width: 58"
Depth: 29.75"
Height: 32.5 "
Width: 30 "
Depth: 28 "
Bundle Opening Height: 21"
Width: 25.5"
Height: 8 "
Width: 8 "
Electrical Requirements 220v 3 phase60 Cycles (Hz) 210v Single phase60 Cycles (Hz)
Table Height Adjustable: 30"- 36"
Weight Net: 590 lbs.
Shipping: 810 lbs.
Net: 250 lbs.
Shipping: 300 lbs.
Air Requirements Minimum pressure: 25 psi
Maximum pressure: 120 psi
Manufacturer Bunn