Little David® MicroJet® HRP InkJet Printers

Little David® MicroJet® HRP InkJet Printers


Industrial Grade - High Resolution Ink Jet Printer


  • Type: HP Thermal Ink Je
  • tPrint Speed: Up to 200 fps (up to 61 mps)
  • Print Lines: 1 or 2 lines (.15” to .45”)
  • Orientation:Side or top-down printing
  • Product Sensing: Integrated photoeyes
  • Print Resolution: 300 dpi vertical resolution
  • Ink Throw Distance: Up to 1/4” (6.35 mm)
  • Communication Interface: RS232C

Controller Options:

  • Enclosures: Molded plastic
  • User Interface: 40-key terminal, graphics display
  • Communication Ports: RS232C
  • Connectivity:None
  • Auto Codes: Time, Date, Sell By
  • Memory: Up to 500 messagesInk

Ink Supply:

(Printer will only function properly while using Genuine Litlle David Ink)

Available Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green

Optional G55 Print Pad:

Allows user to upload messages without bringing laptoponto the production floor

  • Rugged Design
  • Industrial Grade Hardware
  • 2 Mbyts Flash Memory and 16 Mbyts RAM

The MicroJet HRP is the first in a series of industrial grade, high resolution thermal jet printers from Little David®. This reliable jet printer is a low-cost option for high resolution marking/coding applications.

The Little David® MicroJet HRP is an industrial strength thermal ink jet printer designed for one and two line marking/coding applications. Utilizing HP® technology, the MicroJet HRP offers superior ease of operation and quality of print combined with the industrial durability you expect from Little David®.

Performance and Design Features:

  • Ready To Run- Printer is ready to runright out of the box. The unit comes with mounting bracketry and necessary software.
  • Industrial Design-Stainless steel faceplate and sealed printhead ensure durability in the most demanding environments.
  • Variable Character Heights-Prints a one line message in .45” characters or two lines of .15”.
  • Quick/Easy Maintenance-Easy snap-in/snap-out method for changing ink - includes channel purge at the printhead.

More features:

  • Prints characters up to .45” tall
  • Prints one or two lines
  • Prints UPC-A bar codes and alphanumerics
  • Sealed industrial printhead
  • Hinged cover provides easy access to ink cartridge
  • Easy snap-in/snap-out method for changing ink
  • Stainless steel faceplate with built-in photosensors to detect product speed and direction
  • Channel purge at the printhead
  • Industrial DB-9 serial connection
Manufacturer Loveshaw