Avery Dennison® Ultimate Laser Labels

Avery Dennison® Ultimate Laser Labels

Proudly made in the United States of America

Custom and Stock Labels for any Laser Printer

Use Avery laser labels for mailing, shipping, inventory control, product identification and hundreds of other applications you'll think of - once you have the edge.


Heat from the laser printer can result in adhesive oozing out the side of the label sheets. But not with custom Avery laser labels, which have ungummed edges. These edges provide a perimeter in which the adhesive can safely move into. And not into your laser printer. No costly repairs, just superior print quality.

Choose Avery laser label line designed expressly for desktop or high-speed laser printers, available in either letter or legal-sized sheets. Custom offerings are available with options including custom die cutting, custom printing, custom face materials and various adhesive types.

Avery labels

Why Avery® Custom Laser Labels give you THE EDGE

  • Proper printer feeding
    Standard labels may not feed through the automatic paper feeder because they are too heavy, too thick, or not flat enough. Using the incorrect label stock may jam the printer, cause labels to pre-dispense, etc. Avery's lightweight construction prevents such problems.
  • Adhesive heat stability
    Some common adhesives melt under heat, leaving goo in the printer. Avery's laser labels have a unique construction using an ungummed edge to prevent this problem.
  • Attractive face materials
    Avery's laser labels offer a bright white label facematerial with excellent toner adhesion qualities. Or choose from our section of mill tints to add color to your application. All of these They stick where stuck
    Avery's premium adhesives maintain their properties and adhere to a wide variety of surface, depending on your needs. You can expect Avery's laser labels to stick where applied to.
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Manufacturer Avery Dennison