Air Flow - Vented Wrap


Air Flow - Vented Wrap


Air-FlowTM pallet wrap, an amazing stretch film with die cut holes for ventilation. Air-FlowTM reduces spoilage that conventional stretch film can cause, by eliminating condensation build up on the inside of the pallet wrap. Air-FlowTM combines the advantages of stretch netting with the performance of LLDPE pallet wrap. Air-FlowTM is available in machine length rolls, and hand wrap rolls for manual application. End users include the agriculture/produce, packing and shipping industries. Also dairy, beverage, and frozen food industries.

Available in the following sizes:

17" X 1,000' on Extended Core
17" X 3,000' on 3" Core Bulk Pack 17" X 8,400' Machine Grade

Premium (Guaranteed 250%)

19" X 3,300' Premium Machine Grade
29" X 3,300' Premium Machine Grade

Air-FlowTM Lite (Guaranteed 175%)

19" X 2,800' Air-FlowTM Lite 175

SKU vented-wrap
Manufacturer Western Plastics