560S Semi-Automatic Tamp-Down Labeler

560S Semi-Automatic Tamp-Down Labeler



Accurately places labels on tops, sides or bottoms of products with flat or slightly curved surfaces.

  • Cost effective and time-saving alternative to manual labeling
  • Economical for small production run
  • Includes custom tamp head and product fixture
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Dimensions: 18"/45.72cm W x 29"/74cm L. x 25 1/2"/64.77cm H.
  • Weight: 50lbs
  • Electric: 110VAC / 50/60Hz / 10 AMP
    220VAC / 50/50Hz / 5 AMP
  • Air: 50PSI (min.) to 90PSI (max.) 2CFM
  • Labels: Standard 6" wide web width 12" O.D. roll with 3" core, Pressure sensitive/die cut

SKU 560S
Manufacturer Auto Labe