Model 591 Semi-Automatic Stringer

Model 591 Semi-Automatic Stringer



The first Computerized Ribbon/Tag Stringer on the market. Its built-in computer controls each cycle, requires fewer working parts, and helps to minimize wear.

Proudly made in the United States of America


Folded Ribbons Up to 100
Flat Tags Up to 1300
Reinforced Tags Up to 450

Tag Width Assorted Size & Shapes

Virtually any pre-punched ribbon, tag, booklet, etc


#12 Thread to 8/6 cotton/poly plus elastic

Loop Length

Minimum of 2" with String - 1 _ with elastic


Up to 80 per minute, but it is totally dependent on operator ability.

Power Requirements

120 VAC 3 Amps
Internally fused
Air Supply
At 50 per minute: 125 PSI.
3.1 SCFM
Min. Diameter 1/2" Supply line

Size & Weight

20" Wide by 18" Deep by 34" High
100 lbs (45Kg)


Semi-Automatic - Self-Threading.
Easy to set-up and operate.
Great for short runs-
Flexible for many walk-in jobs.
Ties a broad range of sizes in ribbons, tags, labels, booklets, etc.
Very moderately priced, it opens many new profit opportunities for you

SKU Model591
Manufacturer Miller-Bevco